Children and Parents Learning Together


For 2017-2018


1-2 years old
$80 / month

Attends with parent

Sea Otters

2-3 years old
$150 / month


3-4 years old
$215 / month


4-5 years old
$285 / month


*Please know that scholarships are available, including 10% off tuition for younger siblings also attending the preschool. 

For Currently enrolled families:

  1. If you would like to pay your tuition online, please hit the Pay Now button below. *A $5 processing fee will be applied at checkout*
  2. Enter the amount due from your emailed invoice into the Price Per Item field.
  3. You will be prompted to either sign in to pay with your PayPal account, OR you can select to pay directly with a credit or debit card.