Children and Parents Learning Together

Common Class Goals

We have common goals for all of the children, regardless of their age. We strive to help them:

  • Develop a love of learning
  • Learn self-help skills and practice independence
  • Learn to be a respectful member of a group
  • Experience and learn from new and exciting activities


Choice Time: A substantial amount of class time is devoted to exploratory play. During this time, children choose from a variety of learning centers: art, housekeeping, blocks, table toys, drawing and writing, texture table, science, and snack.

Circle Time: There are several focused periods during the day when songs, music, movement, stories, lessons, drama, and puppets can be enjoyed by all. Older children receive an introduction to other cultures.

Outside Play: We have a fenced playground with space to run, climb, slide, swing, play in a sandbox, a boat, or with toys. We recently completed the construction of an ICLC kid-designed playhouse!

Other Fun Activities

Field trips: Classroom themes are enhanced with outings to the farm, fire station, apple orchard, zoo, pumpkin patch, grocery store, or beach. 

Friends: Guests from the post office or police station, as well as local artists, visit and share their knowledge and expertise.

Special Days: Grandparents' Day and Special Person's Day are scheduled each year to allow the children an opportunity to share their preschool experience with other family members.